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Suimokai is an organization dedicated to the study and spread of traditional Japanese martial arts, specifically the Meishi Branch of Mugairyu (iai, kenjutsu, kumitachi, shizan), Shindomusoryu Jo, and Uchidaryu/Toseiryu Tanjo.

The head instructor of Suimokai is the founder of the Meishi Branch, Gyokudo Toyoaki Niina. He was a student of Hosho Shiokawa, himself a student of Shiryu Nakagawa.

Niina-gosoke is Hanshi, Menkyo-kaiden in Mugairyu Iaihyodo, Shindomusoryu Jodo, and Uchidaryu Tanjojutsu.

Mugairyu, as practiced by Meishi-ha, is kireru iai -- cutting iai. We practice effective techniques via solo kata practice, partner practice through kumitachi, and test cutting, with both long and sword short.

The martial arts have a traditional cycle of learning and teaching called "shu-ha-ri". Written with three characters, they mean:

Shu-- to protect/obey/adhere
  The introductory level, you do exactly as you are instructed. You do not question; you accept and you dedicate yourself to simply learning that which is shown to you.

Ha -- to break down/break away
  While continuing to do as you are taught, you also internalize what you have learned; modifying, experimenting, questioning. You begin to make the art your own, as you become a part of the art.
Ri -- to seperate from
  Taking what you have been taught and integrated into/for yourself, you strike out own your own to teach and learn. The trunk of the tree is your teacher, you are a separate branch; connected and integral, similar yet distinct.

There are those who are merely at the shu level (generally 5dan and below), with no menkyo license or any other qualifications, who have, despite lacking the experience and/or ability to teach, gone out on their own and are making claims to teach Mugairyu.

These people have been issued hamon (stripped of all rank and qualification and expelled.)

Such behavior cannot and will not be tolerated. Each and every one of us, from the newest student to the eldest teacher, has a place and a time.